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Web Automation

Process Designer includes the “Web Automation” group of Actions to enable automation of web-related tasks. ProcessRobot supports four browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and the ProcessRobot Automation Browser. This section demonstrates how to configure the browsers and how to create a Web Automation Process, by using either Actions or the Web Recorder. Since extracting data from web pages is a big part of Web Automation, the section outlines the Actions dedicated to this task, the way to extract a list or a table, as well as how to extract data from a web page that has returned more than one page of results.

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Web Automation Overview

CSS Selectors

Web Automation Actions:

Launch New Internet Explorer Action

Launch New Firefox Action

Launch New Chrome Action

Launch New Edge Action

Create New Tab Action

Go to Web Page Action

Click Link on Web Page Action

Click Download Link on Web Page Action

Hover Mouse over element on Web Page Action

Close Web Browser Action

Execute Javascript Function On Web Action

Web Forms

Web Data Extraction

Direct Web Access