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A Solobot is a dedicated machine that will have Processes assigned to run on it. The Solobot resides to the workstation and it is running completely unattended as it is able to login and logout by itself, based on the settings of the Processes. In contrast with a Sidebot, a Solobot has no "Solobot window" interface.

On the machine where a Solobot is installed, in the "Services" window one will be able to see that the ProcessRobot Solobot Service is installed and should be running. Also, on any machine that a Solobot or a Sidebot is installed the following folder will be created "C:\Program Files\ProcessRobot\Clients".


In the Task Manager on a Solobot machine you should see in the details "ProcessRobot.MachineAgent.exe" and "ProcessRobot.UserAgent.exe"


On the machines where a Solobot or a Sidebot is installed, the icon will be available in the system tray indicating that the Robot is up or not. If it is up it will be red, if not it will be grayed out.


Clicking on the system tray icon you can either "Exit" the Solobot or "Stop all running processes". By exiting the Solobot it is like you are turning it down and no processes will be able to run until its service is up and running again. By stopping all the processes everything that is running at that point will be stopped.