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Sidebot Introduction

A Sidebot should be installed on a human user's workstation to run along with that user's presence.

A Process can be invoked by a trigger, a schedule, a Hotkey or manually by the user himself.  

On the machine where a Sidebot resides, there is no service installed. As in the Solobot, however, it will be created "C:\Program Files\ProcessRobot\Clients" and while the Sidebot is up and running in the Task Manager you would be able to see the ProcessRobot.UserAgent.exe only.


On the machines where a Solobot or a Sidebot is installed the icon will be available in the system tray indicating that the Robot is up or not. If it is up it will be red, if not it will be grayed out.


Clicking on the system tray icon on a machine with a Sidebot you can:


- "Open Sidebot": This will open the Sidebot Interface window.

- "Stop All Processes": This option will stop all the processes that are running at this point or hit the Ctrl+Alt+T hotkey.

- "Exit": This option will exit the Sidebot and kill the ProcessRobot.UserAgent.