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Process Studio

Process Studio is where the developer can build, debug and test the Processes which will later be assigned to run on Robots (to Solobots or to Sidebots).

Here is where the "construction" takes place, using the Process Studio building blocks (aka actions) and where all the tasks performed by humans, are now becoming actual processes that will be automatically executed by Robots.

With Process Studio you can have a code-free automation development, leveraging the highly visual Process Designer. Process Studio offers advanced testing and debugging, leveraging what-if scenarios before and during deployment.

Process Studio provides you with robust multiprocessing automation, fully scalable and extensible while ensuring seamless integration across the enterprise.

The developer can build reusable Functions or User Libraries for ease of use and maintenance of complex Processes and can have instant access to help tips into the User Interface and to even the deepest level of technical detail.Functions

ProcessRobot includes numerous powerful features that make it the ideal tool for automating your repetitive tasks. The most important features are:

  1. Visual Process Editor that lets you build automation Processes using Drag & Drop.

  2. 300+ predefined actions to combine for easy Process-building.

  3. Macro Recorder that lets you record user interaction to automate tasks easily.

  4. Web Recorder that lets you record your activities while you navigate the web and convert them into a Process.

  5. UI Automation technology that allows direct handling of the different controls within a window.

  6. Task Scheduler that lets you schedule and execute Processes while you are away.

  7. Triggers that let you monitor your system and respond to events (e.g., when a file is created or modified, when a HotKey is pressed, when system is idle and more).

  8. Integrated Debugger to inspect and debug your tasks while running.

  9. Support for Variables and Data Types.

  10. Autologin to unlock/login to a workstation upon running a Process.

  11. Mainframe automation, with Terminal Emulation.

  12. Advanced Flow Control capabilities, Conditionals, Loops, nested Loops and Functions.

  13. Advanced Error Handling to create Processes that compensate for and handle errors gracefully.

  14. OCR functionalities and Image Recognition technology that literally "sees the screen" to help you automate non-standard interfaces or applications over remote sessions.

  15. Control and Image Repository for storing all the accessible controls and Images of a Process and advanced editing.

  16. Real Time Process Status monitoring.

  17. Regular Expressions support for text parsing or for advanced data extraction

  18. Dynamic debugging with the ability to change variable values on the run.

  19. Find Process facility in order to find easily your Processes no matter how complex is your Folder structure.

  20. Email Automation.