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Deploy a Process to a Sidebot


Process Robot (pr) is an Enterprise Grade RPA that is easy to scale and fit in your corporate structure. In order to allow employees that might not have access to Process Studio and the Control Desk to use distinct Processes designed to run on specific Pools of Robots, PR is providing every Sidebot with a customized interface that communicates with the Control Desk, the Sidebot Interface Window.

This topic is all about how Administrators (people with access to Control Desk), can deploy processes to the Sidebot(s) Interface Window(s) of one or more users, en masse.


In order to deploy a Process to a (number of) Sidebot(s) first of all you would have to create the appropriate Robot Pool.

For creating a Robot Pool, please refer to the Robot Pools topic. Once the Pool that contains all the desired Sidebots is in place, then you can go to the Process you wish to be deployed, in the Control Desk.

The second thing you need to do in order to deploy a Process to a Sidebot, is to make sure that this Process is in Production:


Then, right click on the Process and select "Edit Process's Properties". Select the Pool, Process Name, Folder under which it will be organized in the Sidebot Interface Window, Hotkey (for lightning fast triggered invocation) and the Help Text related to this Process.


Once you click OK, then the Process will appear in all of the Pool's Sidebots.


And now you are ready to run

Please note: A Process can ONLY be deployed to a Pool if it is in the stage of Production. If a Process is in Review, it can only run from the Control Desk.